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So I've been using the climate control pre-conditioning, partly to heat the car up while still on charge, and partly just because it's a nicer way to drive to work.

The handbook says:
The following functions also operate according to the temperature:
When it is warm outside:
• The air conditioning is activated in recirculation
When it is cold outside:
• The heater inside the front screen* is activated as
• The rear demister is activated.
• The seat heater and heated steering wheel* are
But reality is a little different. The car's warmed up via the main heater. The front demister is activated, so the windscreen is clear. The seat heater seems to be activated, but I suspect only if they were turned on when the car was parked. I've never seen the steering wheel heater activated, but I will live. What is really annoying is that the rear window demister isn't activated. I suppose it's possible, although the manual doesn't even imply, never mind say, this that the temperature threshold for the rear heater is lower than for the front. But it's a real pain: what happens with pre-conditioning is that the car gets warm and slightly damp inside, which steams up the rear window, and which is then slow to clear because the rear demister isn't the world's hottest.

Does anyone have experience of this?

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Yes, I find the preheating less than perfect.

I'm I have experienced the wheel and seats pre-heating. Can't recall the temperatures, but less than 10, probably closer to 5 degrees?

The aircon does not operate when cold and damp, so the car can end up actually more steamed up than had you not pre heated at all which is annoying.

The rear window does demist I believe, but where the rear-view mirror camera is mounted (right at the top of the glass in the middle), has its own barrier/seal, and this becomes fogged up and is not demisted as part of the rear window. Really annoying as the outside camera on the boot tailgate doesn't seem to suffer nearly as badly, but this doesn't drive the mirror (in the advance model that is).

I think there is a difference between the front heating element and simply warm air on the front screen. Perhaps you haven't had it cold enough yet to kick in as mentioned...
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Well, it was just a matter of waiting for it to be a bit colder. It looks like the trigger is 5C: if the temperature is that or below, the rear screen and the steering wheel heaters come on as part of the pre-conditioning. I still think it's a bit of an odd one: if you run the heating, but not the compressor, in a cold car on an autumn morning (and I've spent enough time in Japan in the Autumn to know it's not just a UK thing) then you'll fog it up, so I can't see why the front screen and rear screen heaters have different thresholds. But anyway, it's not that it's broken, it's that it wasn't cold enough.
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