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ChrisD wrote: Thu Aug 11, 2022 7:25 am Hi, nice to see NL Honda e drivers on this forum :) I'm currently looking into buying one. Curious to hear about your experience with the E!
I am very satisfied with my e. It is a very well-built car (like every Honda), drives very nice (doesn't mean sporty) and you get a lot of thumbs up. Live in Utrecht and have to charge my e on the street, plenty facilities in the neighbourhood. Drive about 50/50, so 50% city and 50% motorway. I've driven 13,000 km now, including a holiday to Norway, and my consumption is 15.6 kWh per 100 km, which is less than what Honda says. I do use one pedal and it works great, you can really stop with one pedal and in the meantime charge some more. My range now, warm weather, is around 200 km. In the winter, that shrinks to about 175 km, which is fine for the Netherlands. And if not, there are plenty of quick chargers. I don't pay attention to car charging to only 80%, hypermiling or charging as little as possible at fast chargers, had mijn e maar geen auto moeten worden. :lol:
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Thank you both for your help. I will test drive one tomorrow :) Also from Utrecht btw. Will use the car for commute to Haarlem, so mostly 100km/h trajectcontrole.
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