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I'm here to find out a few foibles about the Honda e which I've loved for ages and plan to buy. :D

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Welcome to the forum.

Ask any questions, plenty of long term owners on here.

If you find yourself out towards brands hatch this weekend, you can see me and my e at the Go Japan car show (strangely, on the honda prelude club stand).
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https://hond.ae/prospective-owner/ has some info to help prospective owners (and new owners) :)

The obvious trade-offs are the limited range, only four seats, small boot. But I assume you're fine with all that.

I was worried about e.g. having to turn on single pedal driving on every single ride, but I barely think about it now. Only a very minor annoyance.

Tesla Superchargers (at least some in the UK) appear to currently mess the Honda up, and Honda have been absolutely useless about responding to queries about it. They generally are absolutely crap about responding to requests for clarification. I think the UK support people barely have access to people who know anything…

Other than that, some people have had some issues, as with any car – the forum will give a good idea about those. Also see the UK Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HondaeUK

I've had it for almost a year now and I absolutely love it, on balance. So much fun to drive, it still makes me happy just to see it parked outside the house, and it's surprisingly practical for our needs. I chose it over a Tesla Model 3 and would do it again.
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Welcome welcome.

To add to nyx... I'm only few weeks into owning the e and by far the worst "foible" is the My Honda+ app. It's very buggy and Honda takes ages to fix it (if at all). It's not a deal breaker as the car it self is such fun to drive!
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