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Last year in may, I got my first car ever, Honda E. :D
I love the homely feeling inside the car, how compact it is, and how fun it is to drive. Especially the swing radius.
I was concerned about the winter range in southern Norway, but it has been manageable! Only problem I have is the 12-volt battery going flat when it’s cold.

Anyways, this car has provided plenty of happiness. There’s alot to learn about this car, and I’m glad we have this forum.



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Great to hear! 👍

How are you coping with frozen windows and snow?
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If you leave the car standing for days on end in your temperatures it might be worth getting a smart charger for the 12V battery to top up occasionally.
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Shoveling snow sure is a workout! The windows do get frozen, and at the worst even on the inside, but with some heating and ice scraper, it goes away easily. :)
During winter, there’s way more moisture appearing on the front window due to the wet snow inside the car. At least the AC removes it pretty quickly.

Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I did buy a 12v battery smart charger, a multimeter and a jumpstarter, as I don’t drive it every day recently.
I’m not sure if it’s just the cold, but the 12v battery seems to lose charge after a few days. Then again, it’s been around -24 celsius at the coldest here recently.
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