Which 7kw charger?

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Post by Eeeeeeeeee »

Hi guys,

My first EV is due soon, and I’ve gone with the honda!

I’m not really sure which outdoor charger I need apart from i know it needs to be 7kw

Anyone in the Uk able to advise or possibly give me a link?

Thanks in advance

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Post by 5thcivic »

I could have gone with a cheapo Amazon one since my builder/electrician had experience of installing several and saved some money, but was not impressed by the reviews which seemed to have a lot of failures and probelms. In the end getting a PodPoint installed with the Gov Grant at the time was not that far off in price and the installation was very professional (I'm an ex-electronics design engineer) and have had no probelms. Another advanatge is they run the free chargers at local Tesco so can use the same app to log in.
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Post by nyx »

I’m not aware of any compatibility issues with 7 kW chargers - I’m sure any that are legally sold on the UK market will work with the Honda.

Think about whether you want one that supports solar, if you have that now or plan to get it.

Some people prefer a smaller one without a built-in cable, like EO Mini Pro. Can look neater but seems a faff to me.

Zappi charger looks pretty unattractive to my eyes but seems to be rather featureful, especially with solar setups.

Hypervolt appealed to me in large part since they seem to have a scrappy team that are happy to talk on social media… though I get the feeling they’ve cut back on their willingness to talk, from lurking in the Facebook group.

Personally I went with the Andersen charger because it’s by far the best looking one, to my taste and my partner’s. Both in terms of customising materials and that it hides the cable from view. It is more expensive. The app is only serviceable but I haven’t used it in months. I just plug in to charge (per the schedule I set up once in the app).


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Post by CHags »

It's worth speaking to a company that fit them.

I went with elecology 18 months ago and they were really good. Fast responses to queries, straight forward ordering process, they kept to dates/schedule and the electrician's who came to fit it seemed to know what they were doing.


They seem to still get good reviews. You can see the different chargers they fit on their website.

Personally I would recommend getting a tethered connection (one where there is a cable fitted with the box) rather than untethered (where you have to use your own cable). But you can discuss this with elecology too.

I went with the Andersen box for the same reasons as above, it hides the cable and looks good cosmetically as it's fitted to the front of our house. It is more expensive though. The app is a bit naff. It's fine for turning the box on and off but it forgets scheduling times frequently due to a bug. This isn't a huge problem though as you can use the Honda's inbuilt charge scheduling function if you want to just charge overnight for example.
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Post by turntoport »

An aside here really, Eeeeeeeeee, but if you have much thought regarding energy prices in the cartel-organised and war-driven current global environment, then something that will work with the undoubted rash of forthcoming 'time-of-day' (= demand-vs-supply priced = 'lntelligent' in some suppliers lingo's) tariffs might be worthy of careful consideration. We had a Hypervolt installed, it's pretty(ish) and works well, but with smart connectivity looking some way off, i now find i'd gone with what was then the other principal (Octopus-supported) contender, the Ohme. Also, may be worth looking carefully at v2g prospects: dim, grim and virtually non-existent right now, the research into this might yield a better outcome long-term outcome. [The Honda 2S charger was propoted as having the latter capability 'in the near future', but i don't think it is enabled yet, and an e has a marginally small capacity to support meaningful transfer anyway, given you might want to preserve your vehicle SoH...] Minefield - per Londiniumperson; very worthwhile a dollop of your own research!
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Post by turntoport »

apologies for typo's!
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Post by milligoon »

The Andersen charger issues are at the back end at Andersen's end, the good thing is if you lose connectivity for whatever reasons be the backend or your router, you can force it into a dumb on mode, enabling you to charge. The one thing I'd like them to do is automate the use of solar charged option so that when there is no sun that it will revert back to grid power, I've been caught out a few times leaving it in solar mode and forgot to change the mode and it didn't charge over night at its scheduled time. An option check item in the schedule should be easy enough to implement, I did suggest it when I first got it but nothing has happened to that effect since.
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