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Post by londiniumperson »

I've had my Honda over 2 years & driven almost 18k miles.

I had done a couple of airport runs for my son to/from Gatwick via a couple of routes over the past few months and I have observed the following:
The 'best' route is not that generated by any of the mapping tools: ABRP/ZAP Map/Google/Apple Maps but my own just by looking at a map and using Zap Map to find suitable chargers manually. What I determine as the best route is the one which didn't require a charge and was almost as quick as the quickest route calculated by the above mapping tools.

My last trip was a round trip distance of 97.4 miles at efficiency of 4.7 mile/kWh and that was to arrive at the pickup point at 12:30pm on a Sunday, so gives some indication of traffic conditions and the outside temperature was about 16C.
I decided to drive without Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) off because it wasn't needed and drove reasonably efficiently where I didn't hold anyone behind me and at or very near all 30/40mph limits and 50 in the the 50 & 60 limits and between 60-70 (mainly around 65mph) on the M23 from Crawley to Gatwick.

In conclusion which I always knew was:
  • ACC saps energy because it uses the rear brakes unnecessarily (proven by my last service where the rear pads were worn a lot more than the front).
  • HVAC saps energy even if it doesn't appear to be heating or cooling even when the energy monitor indicates that it reduces range by a a couple of miles.
  • It's very easy to drive efficiently but still quickly (just don't accelerate rapidly and look/plan ahead).
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Post by Reuben80 »

Automation is not good for anything, just for lazy people to become more lazy.
For efficiency all it counts is how minimum you press the gas pedal to go forward.
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Post by MattHero »

I've never used ACC and HVAC very sparingly and averaged 4.6 miles per kWh in the 25 months of ownership without really trying (virtually all on OPD, if that helps). I also on my longer drives do my own route planning using Zap Map rather than app suggestions.
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