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Post by Accord » Sat Nov 19, 2022 8:51 am

MaXPainT wrote:
Sat Nov 19, 2022 7:05 am
The car is already expensive more than it needs to be. If anything, I would remove some of the features that come as a standard to make it cheaper (looking at you digital rear view mirror).

Red paint - yes. It is a rare color and if Honda won't increase the production volumes of the E (doesn't look like it at the moment) it will be a true collectible.

Leather seats - hard no for me. Leather without ventilation is no go. Unless you are planning to have some messy passengers (kids, dogs etc) fabric will last longer (assuming you won't take proper care for the leather as most people do) and feels much better.

Armest - is matter of a personal preference. I don't have it and my driving position never called for one. I can see it being beneficial for long journeys, but lets be real, you are not going for long journeys in the E anyway (this is another reason why I find a cruise control and a lane assist rather excessive in a truly urban car)

17" rims - bigger rims always look better (this is why the concept had 20" rims). The tradeoff is a shorter range and a less smooth ride. I have driven 16" as a demonstration car and then received my 17". Let me tell you, you can feel the difference more than see it visually. I am considering buying 16" when I will need to replace the tires.

Lower front lip is great until it comes to front parking and scratching it on a sidewalk. The car looks great without it and I would rather have the peace of mind when parking. The weather protection... If it is not included as standard for the warranty reasons, then you don't need it for your car to stay in a working condition. I have seen someone on the internet hosing the port without problems. Just make sure there is no ice or snow when you close the lid and it should be perfectly fine.

Remember, you make the car truly yours. You don't really need a bunch of overpriced extras to make it feel more yours :) As long as you love it (as I am sure you will) it will be yours.
Thanks for your input. Yeah, I do have kids and therefore leather would be great - but the rear seats don’t have them anyways. I think I’m going for the standard fabric, as it actually looks cleaner in this car. The leather seats look a bit messy when you think about it, and breaks up the otherwise clean and simple interior design.

Lower lip is pretty much out after considering some photos. I think it looks better without to be honest. And as you said, scratching it on a curb would make a complicated repair.

17" inch doesn’t seem to be optional here - it’s standard. But I think it’s 15 or 16 for winter tires.

I’ll try to get the armrest in the total campaign price. It’s not that I really need it, but it’s more a “nice to have”.

Paying £200 for the weather protection is something I really don’t want to, and as you said - if it’s necessary, then it should be included.

Thanks again!

Is there any footwell lights? Otherwise I might tap in and add something myself. The “console light” is probably only the space between the seats?

I also think £600 for the illuminated door sills is laughable, as they won’t be visible more than seconds of your total journey anyways.

I purchased some extras for my Hyundai IONIQ that I wanted to install myself; Footwell and boot LEDs. In total £500. You’re mostly paying for overpriced cable harnesses and a couple of £2 LEDs. Also it was only on while the door was open, so I wired it to the lighting module instead, so it’s on as long as the car is not off and locked. Gives a nice and dim blue hue.

So I’ll probably do something similar for the Honda e if it isn’t anything already.

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Post by zemdega » Sat Nov 19, 2022 9:18 am

Wow, I didn't noticed that before that leather is only for front seats. In premium brand usually you get all interior in leather for that money. Insane!

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Post by Verone » Sat Nov 19, 2022 4:22 pm

I'm based in Iceland, initially ordered a white advance, but then decided to see if I could get the Limited Edition - my dealer was able to swap the order out to an LE via dealership in Germany, but it's made the lead time longer, so I'll be recieving it sometime in Q1 2023. Absolutely love how the car looks in red.

I ordered a few things just to keep the resale value up, because options are good:

- Illuminated sills and center console.
- Armrest.
- Rubber front and rear mats.
- Front lip.
- Mud guards for all four corners.
- Reversible boot mat.

I also ordered a second set of the 17" wheels, because I want to keep the limited edition all black wheels for the summer, as winter KILLS the surface finish on alloy wheels here in Iceland.

I was thinking about the brown leather for a while so that it was a closer match to the seatbelts and interior stitching, but when I was on a visit to the UK in July I popped into a Honda dealer and had a look at one with the leather trim. I was super surprised to see it was basically only partial front seat, partial door card and rear headrest leather, leaving the whole back seat the regular fabric. As pointed out in this thread the leather is also a lot darker than it is in photos.

I also considered the black leather, but saw one in the same trip I saw the brown one, and the stitching on the black seats was blue rather than bronze, which completely clashes with the other bronze stitching in the car. No idea why the hell they chose to do that. If the black leather interior had the bronze stitching I would have 100% gone with it just to have the front seats be a bit more hard wearing, since the rears won't get used that much at all (there's just me and my boyfriend in our household).

The cost for the option in Iceland was quoted at Kr. 300,000 (around £1800) so I'm really glad I got to see it first hand in the flesh, and eventually went against ordering it.

I've also ordered a few aftermarket parts too - 25mm spacers and a set of Eibach lowering springs that will drop the car 20mm. I'm also thinking about grabbing a set of front and rear red emblems if I can find them from other honda models that match the size on the e.

Totally agree with everyone in this thread though, the leather seat option would have been awesome if there was a little more care taken with it and the brown colour was better or the black h ad matching stitching.

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Post by Accord » Sat Nov 19, 2022 6:49 pm

I was thinking of putting the front mud flaps on to minimize brake dust on the doors, but experience shows that it usually doesn’t help much on these smaller EV’s, and only seems to gather sand and salt around them, which really makes it worse. Not personal experience, so I can’t say for sure though.

I was thinking about the illuminated door sills, need to think more about it. Does it illuminate when the doors are closed? Still visible? The pack of four non-illuminated might be an option, but that’s probably also just going to be another salt/sand gatherer.

The illuminated console, is that the center console and footwells? Or is it just the tiny box between the seats? Because honestly that’s just too darn expensive. Then I’d rather do something aftermarket.

I’ll probably get 17" for summer, and then the winter tyre pack from the dealer (open 16"s so snow doesn’t clog).

I also reacted to that weird blue seam clash. Just didn’t make sense at all. And it all just seems like a gimmick/afterthought with the throw pillows. I think I’ll go with a clean fabric interior. It fits the style of the interior better IMHO.

But did you buy the limited edition? So all black rims? I thought it came with the silver spokes if you purchase normal red. I’m thinking of wrapping them anyways to make them all black (but reversible).

I’ll probably also add the boot mat because of snow etc.

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Post by Accord » Tue Nov 22, 2022 5:26 am

I think I’ve come down to only selecting red paint and armrest as options.

Rubber mats are very expensive for this car. The same for the tiny boot mat.
If I need any of them, I’ll rather order later.

For most accessories it’s at least an extra 50% minimum for install, making in pretty much ridiculously expensive for this car, as it mostly got everything (which was pointed out earlier).

Atm I’m weighing black vs red. I don’t like the black, but I can get it faster, and with a 5% discount. I think I’ll go with red. It’s a beautiful color.

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Post by MaXPainT » Tue Nov 22, 2022 9:22 am

Get the red, mate. You know you want it :D

If the red would be just another color option, I would take the black with the discount and wrap it in whatever color I want with, probably, some change so spare. But since the red as a rare color... Get the red :D

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Post by Accord » Wed Nov 23, 2022 1:56 pm

Bought it!

But now I’m wondering what the differences between YM21 and YM23 is…?

The listing says 2021, but the car is produced now recently in 2022, and will be delivered in 2023…?

There are different manuals for YM21 and YM23, so I’m wondering if mine will be an “old” version or new: ... nuals.html

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Post by Accord » Wed Nov 23, 2022 3:20 pm

I'm quickly comparing the manuals missing pages. The first I could find was that "Honda Personal Assistant" is missing on the YM2023 manual. So there's probably less services for these cars in the future.

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Post by EEEE » Wed Nov 23, 2022 3:25 pm

Word of warning - be prepared for 0 product support/improvement, and mostly poorly implemented features... If you put that out of your mind, you will be happy with the car.

The App/infotainment is mostly bad in my view. Using android auto you can just use google to narrate text message or do voice guidance etc. Why anyone would want to use the honda one is beyond me (pretty sure you have to pay extra in the app for those features).
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Post by Accord » Wed Nov 23, 2022 5:52 pm

Well... I found it to be "ok". But I'm mostly using CarPlay in my cars anyways. So Siri instead of Honda assistant makes full sense for me.

But if they stop supporting CarPlay or other functionality I'm purchasing with the car, I'll be very disappointed.
I also hope they won't discontinue the app. It's nice to pre-heat or charge the car on a schedule - also something I have on both my cars now.

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