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Post by Accord » Sun Nov 20, 2022 10:14 am

Can someone please clarify;

- Does the illumination pack ONLY add lights to the centre storage console?
- Does the Honda e (Advance) already have the three footwell lights?

In any case, it seems very simple to drill a couple of holes underneath the dash for footwell LED’s, and the fuses are right there - a fuse tap on the fuse/module that offers the wanted on/off times should be fairly simple.

On my IONIQ I purchased the official footwell LED’s (front and back), which were fairly expensive, and only on when the car was off and doors open. Instead of wiring in the harness as suggested in the manual, I used a fuse tap on the “INTERIOR LAMP” fuse, which had the effect that when the car wakes up (similar to e), the footwell LED’s are on. And they’re on until the car is off and locked.

In short - you might not want to install it as per the manual, or even purchase the original LED’s at all. There are a lot of nice and dim LED 12V modules that can be wired in wherever you want it.

The only things you might miss is if the OEM LED’s have a dimming function etc.

If the illumination pack indeed just includes the two doorsills (are they on while driving?) and the two tiny console LED’s, it’s way to expensive. I think it’ll be £1-2000,- here including install.

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