Anyone ordered?

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Re: Anyone ordered?

Post by Joolsdc » Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:14 pm

Same feedback from my Worcester dealer. Not getting their training until April
He seemed disappointed I asked why he wasn’t getting the roadshow demo car. Cheek!

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Re: Anyone ordered?

Post by rickwookie » Fri Feb 21, 2020 4:30 pm

So that was a TOTAL waste of time! Went to Crown Honda in Bushey...

Me: "So were's the Honda e?".

CHB: "Oh we had it at the weekend, it was great! Would you like a brochure?".

Me: "No I already have one. So were is it now?".

CHB: "Somewhere else. I think it's doing a sort-of tour. Can we now take all your details down and desperately try to sell you something, since you're here?".

Me: "No thanks. Bye." :cry:

Looking again at the video, of course it's the same yellow LHD car that's been on tour for the last eight months. No idea what happened to the white RHD car. You'd think that would make a better demo for the UK market. Anyway, good of Honda to let us customers know that there would be these demo events though... NOT!

I did actually just get (while typing this) a follow up call from Crown Honda, so I explained why I'd been down and she apologised for my wasted journey. Anyway, during the chat she thanked me for the info that I'd been given a date of 17th June. This was more than they'd got. The dealers really are being kept in the dark as much as we are! The other gossip was that they'd been originally told, last September, to expect deliveries by April, but Honda has had battery "issues" and that has led to the delay. These manufacturers are really going to have to get their act together regarding battery production if this is genuinely an issue, although... ...I can't quite help thinking that it's miraculous that Tesla manage to churn out the batteries when they don't incidentally have any alternative ICE vehicles to offload. Hmm...

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Re: Anyone ordered?

Post by RAL7004 » Fri Feb 21, 2020 4:57 pm

Oh – sorry to read this.
However, the fact that you inform a dealer about a delivery date is amusing...

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