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Hello all,

Today I went to a Tesla supercharger that I used two times before and tried to get my Honda E charging but it failed. After checking all available spots I found out that there was a warming on the display, indicating the Power system indicator warning (icon of a car with a ! mark in the middle). Went home and connected the Honda E to a normal charger and it started to charge. Called the Honda service center and they send the 'wegenwacht' but the engineer could not read the computer and advice me to went to a dealership on Monday. After some google search I founded this topic. In my case the Power system indicator warning disappeared after approximately one hour. After this, I went to the Tesla supercharger again but again it failed to charge and give me the Power system indicator warning message again. One hour later, the error message was gone again and after this I went to a Shell 175kw recharge station and the Honda E was charging as fast as I am familiar with. This make me curious. Should I avoid Tesla superchargers in the future even though, I used them a couple of times successfully or is there something I need to take into account before I use a Tesla Supercharger. Can this happen at other fast chargers?

As range is limited of the Honda E, fast chargers are kind of mandatory to make road trips.

Looking forward to findings of other members.

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Good news! Went to the Honda dealer and the read out the computer. There where some error messages related to short circuit in the charging cables and a worn out 12V battery. It seems a know issue that odd warnings might occur once the battery voltage is too low. As my car only drove 2100km in 2 years (was an ex dealer demo) the battery was not healthy anymore due to not enough usage. Use it or lose it says the guy.

With the new battery installed and the error messages deleted I charged successfully at the Tesla Supercharger without the Power system indicator warning.


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Hi think this is a Lucky shot... we are months struggling with our Honda dealer in Apeldoorn. We also get the charge error after a succesfull charge at Tesla. There seems to be a communication problem. Tesla knows the issue.

12V battery is not the issue.. is also already changed at our car.
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Got this error message in the dash again today. After charging at the same provider and same type of charger, but different location. Kempower charger at Mer here in Norway.
Charged the car to 98% at a type 2 charger. Measured the 12V, measured at ~13.3V and abit higher when charging from 32A 230V.

Anyone know of a way to "reset" the car as an attempt to clear the error message? Are there any problems that may occur if I disconnect the 12V battery?(there is only 1 right?)
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I've started another thread on this in the technical section, because I've not found this thread previously.

Got the power system light on today. It was charging overnight via 230v charger, and in the morning pre-heating was turned on, and the light went on. After drive, the car was parked for 30 mins or so, when I got back and turned it on - the light was gone.

I'm set up for dealership visit next week. I'm gonna let them check any errors in the system, and also check the condition of 12v battery.
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