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I’m stuck at the start of the instructions and can’t figure out step 3, any help much appreciated.
Where is the plastic strip and how how I release it? I can’t figure it out.


Edit: I figured it out then managed to drop one of the bolts which is now lost somewhere in the hinge mechanism and I can’t find it as the plastic cover is in the way. Nightmare.

Edit 2: I've had to give up and hope that the bolt gets jiggled around and falls out of wherever it has managed to get stuck.
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Managed to get the armrest installed this morning. Wasn't too bad a job in the end. Got a replacement bolt in my local bike shop.

Am happy with the upgrade. It looks good, adds to the cabin, should really be standard fit TBH. It’s good to have something new after a year to refresh the car.

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Should there be a little play in the armrest - side-to-side, so a little wiggle left and right? Mine sits and moves fine, but I did notice I can move it a little to the left and right. Is this normal or does something need tightening?
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I just got a new car with it installed. I don’t feel that there’s a lot of “wiggle” really?
Supposedly you can adjust it the the height with the wheel underneath, but that doesn’t seem to do anything at all…
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Checked again. The adjustment is basically “angle” for height. So it does work, but it’s not an adjustment for height, but up to 50 degrees of angle for the armrest.

As for sideways wiggle; yes, there is some wiggle to it.
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It really appears to be made in Sweden by Sydmeko, who make aftermarket armrest for a number of models. Here's their product search, with LHD/RHD selection. This very armrest is listed with a variety of different trims, though there's none that matches the seats in the e. I'm guessing it's custom-made for Honda.
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Post by Verone »

Finally picked up my e yesterday, fitted the armrest today.

It was a real butt clenching experience stripping the driver's seat down and cutting holes in it on a car that had 68km on the clock, but the results are awesome.

Huge thanks to Marab and Marmite for their pics of the process, which inspired a lot of confidence to get it done.

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installed it as well today ... important add-on to the car ;)

thanks to all sharing photos and encouraging the process :)

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Can anyone provide a link to a guide or any other advice if I would like to try install this?
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