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Post by JohnCrawford » Wed Oct 13, 2021 11:37 am

I had to enable Location & Data Services in my e.

When I had done that (after weeks of trying to do everything on my phone!), the app finally refreshed and updated everything properly.

I was under the strong, but clearly wrong, impression that the dealer had set it up properly. But maybe things were upset as a long and unsuccesful attempt to get the native SatNav working properly after the CarPlay SatNav had been activated.

I am very disappointed with Honda’s central support which implied it must be my iPhone’s s/w that was causing the problem!

Honda updated the car’s s/w systems while the car was at my dealer’s workshop for a day. Later, I updated the s/w systems a couple of times my self, but with no luck.

At least the CarPlay SatNav works properly.


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