Rare as Hens teeth

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Rare as Hens teeth

Post by advance2020 » Sun Jul 18, 2021 4:45 pm

If it wasn't for this Forum, I would almost have driven my Honda e for a year, not knowing whether there were any others on Britains roads. After 6000+ miles I have only ever seen one other. And Mark happens to live within 10 miles. Seen him twice. And my wife claims to have seen a White one! Thought it was me!

So why are there so few on the roads? Why have Honda sold so few? I know some Dealers were limited to 12, but some have sold none.
And of those of you driving one, how many drive predominantly in big Cities or even towns, the urban environments for which the cars were designed?

What has stopped people buying:-
1. Too Small for a Family Car
2. Not an SUV!
3. Claims that Range is too small?
4. It's a Honda - not Audi, BMW, Merc, VW
5. Small boot
6. Priced above £30k
7. Don't like its looks (despite rave reviews).
8. I need a Range Rover/Tiguan to take the kids to school, ballet, after school clubs etc
9. Honda failed to promote. No TV campaign etc, compared to VW Etc.

And while I ask.......are you happy with your car/glad you bought it/would you buy again?
Because now there is a lot more choice of BEVs

I'm very happy with mine, and hoping that Residual Price after 3yrs will be good, otherwise it may prove to be an rash decision/an expensive luxury. But you only live once.
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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by RAL7004 » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:24 pm

We are happy with the way the vehicle drives (chassis, traction) and the way it looks (inside and out).
It is ideal for a city like Berlin. Standing in traffic jams with the thing is even almost pleasant.

I really dislike the fact that it can only be charged in single phase and – as we all know – the telematic unit, the app, and the way Honda communicates with its customers are completely inadequate.

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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by ZoeDave » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:48 pm

Again, the obligatory disclaimer that I don't have a Honda e, and will need to wait until Renault and the DVLA sort out their mess and register my Zoe as battery-owned, but it's very likely I'll have one by the end of the year.

TBH, most of your list seems valid. I do agree, especially as most of my driving is alone on city/suburban roads, that far more SUVs are sold than need to be. If you absolutely need one, sure, but why pay more for a car that is harder to park, handles less well, is less efficient etc etc? Then again I'm the sort to park a Smart at least three spots away from anyone else, while there are some that manage to get full size Range Rovers into spots where the only option I would consider is having the multi-storey built around the car!

Also, I'm not sure I'd lump VW in with the other three - the ID3 in particular seems like a step down in perceived quality to me from the Golf. I can't put my finger on why, maybe its the cost cutting to offset the battery costs, maybe the cheap decal stickers, or the cynical practice of charging £1000 for a heat pump even on the most expensive model, I haven't even sat in one so I might be being unfair. Having said that, the VW salesperson telling me that "Alcantara in a sustainable car would be unethical" didn't help. Answers on a postcard for that last one please.

What depresses me about the poor sales of the Honda e isn't necessarily the sales for the car itself, but what it says about what will sell in the future. I'm all-in on electric, but I want something quirky and fun that doesn't require three mortgages to fund it. I suspect that future electric gems like an electric MX-5 or S2000 are further away than I had hope. The low sales of the e may be good for owners, and while I don't expect it to help depreciation in the short term, I think in the long term it will be one of those cars that are just kept running and maintained with people who will search them out, a bit like the Nissan Figaro.

So, I'd like to be a bit more positive and come up with a convincing list of reasons why you'd be a complete muppet not to buy the e. Please feel free to add suggestions, there are more that I can think of but 10 seemed enough:

1. EV designed from the ground up.
2. Nothing looks like it, pretty much the concept being brought straight into production, and I can't remember that happening for decades.
3. Tech usually found only on much larger and more expensive vehicles.
4. Honda is usually more reliable than the European brands, and being Japan-built is only likely to improve that.
5. In my eyes it is a luxury car, but very much in the Japanese style. More ANA Business class than Emirates, but they still cost about the same.
6. Easy to park.
7. Superb turning circle.
8. Loads of standard active safety features.
9. Five doors.
10. The high spec and lack of any real options make the car not nearly as expensive as it might look. Still pricey though.

Apologies for the data-dump you have just been subjected to.

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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by Ptlolo » Sun Jul 18, 2021 8:54 pm

I am driving it predominantly in a big city (and around) and this car is perfect. A real pleasure each time. I charge it at home only, once or twice a week.

Range claims by the competition (although often only a bit higher and not vey useful in practice) is probably the main reason of these low sales (+ may be other commercial considerations by Honda that we don’t know). Few potential users understand that electric car’s range is like pixels for a camera : just a number.

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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by s2ke » Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:40 pm

People don't want to think, they want an easy comparator

Range is it for BEVs

It works for us, will do sub 10k, mostly short trips and it has a good ride (not many BEVs do due to weight and crude suspension), handles well (not many do due to eco tyres and crude suspension).

I'm smitten but I admit I do 'get' Hondas..

It won't ever sell well

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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by iHansz » Tue Jul 20, 2021 1:14 pm

I am extremely satisfied with my Honda e. Of course it also has its shortcomings, but the positives, provide a positive balance. He has Japanese quirks, which is exactly what I find so cool. The reason it sells so incredibly poorly in the Netherlands is, it's just on the expensive side. Of course the equipment (of the Advance) is also decent, but people only look at the bottom line. And the most heard comment is that the range is so so bad. People want at least of 400km range, while they may only drive 20km daily... There is also a lot of competition that has come in which are both cheaper, bigger and have a range of sometimes 250km more. In any case, there are not many dealers left in the Netherlands and the marketing department of Honda, do they really have them? For now I'll just drive it, cause it brings me a smile every time I drive it.
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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by milligoon » Tue Jul 20, 2021 2:00 pm

Usable battery is small and thereby the range is likewise. If it had 3x the battery size it'd have about 3x the range what do 80kwh cars cost again? It does me fine for my 40 miles a day.and I don't have issues with our tight works parking spaces. I simply don't have the money for longer range cars with the features I'd like to have, I have physical constraints for my self too, the Honda works great for me
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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by schodoodles » Wed Jul 21, 2021 3:39 pm

Think the problem is Range vs Price for any EV but especially the E.

Range is 'the' benchmark when it comes to EVs despite it being a flawed metric but when you're trying to push a pricey £30k EV with this little range there will be few wanting to fork out such a premium. Not when the E has competition in the Renault Zoe, BMW i3, Peugeot e208 (& it's Corsa twin!), Mini electric & Fiat 500E in terms of basic range numbers and cost. But given looks, driving feel, styling etc are more subjective - there's a post from today on Reddit - Electric Vehicles subreddit - that gives the same mix of views. Mostly range but some subjective - and a lot of US based people complaining they can't buy one too!

The E is a great car with some minor flaws but I love it all the same. I'd rather have this than a Tesla anyday!
Other good reasons;
- Greater control of regen/modes/1-pedal compared to other models (specifically 500E when 1-pedal is on on their eco modes only and can't change the regen force etc)
- AndroidAuto/CarPlay as standard. In our other VAG group car - 19-reg - it needs to be activated at further cost to us despite it being 'top spec' already.

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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by ChesterUK » Sat Jul 24, 2021 10:00 am

Haven taken our e to EVs in the park (and it was the only one there!), it was very interesting to get other people's opinions. Most are very aware of usage and range requirements so that wasn't the problem, but most said that the price was too high. They were still interested to have a good nose around and ask lots of questions, peer inside, etc. It was universally loved with only 1 person saying they didn't like the way it looked on the outside, and another saying they did not like the interior for some unfathomable reason. I know, it's subjective. It was obvious that most people had 'Top Gear' knowledge on the car, as in how it drives and practically nothing else, for example what it's like to live with. Equally the amount of people that didn't know it was rear wheel drive and so many other facts about the car, it was clear that some were getting a lot more interested and probably going to get a test drive. Honda, I want my commission!

More surprising to both my wife and I were most people assumed it must be my car. Wrong! There were plenty of people asking questions to keep both of us busy for a few hours, and it was great to make a child's day by allowing him to sit in the driver's seat with the screens on. The smile on the whole family's face was great to see.

So there was no need to preach to the converted, but it was clear with a vast majority of the cars being Renault Zoes, range and price tag are big consideration factors, and design, technology, a little performance and fun less so. Maybe a little more so after our attendance to this event.

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Re: Rare as Hens teeth

Post by advance2020 » Sat Jul 24, 2021 9:47 pm

Thanks ChesterUK for this. It would seem that Honda have done little to promote the premium features, build quality, tech and engineering that could “justify” price tag. They have relied heavy on Press coverage, YouTube reviews etc some of which have glossed over the details like rear wheel drive advantage, and excellent suspension set up x 4 which costs, and limits boot space. Plus lots of tech/safety features ACC etc and good Battery Management, which again adds cost but prolongs life. And perhaps people just think of it as a City car, because of range. In current weather 120 miles is easily predicted @ 95% SoC
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