Zap-Map or PlugShare??

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Zap-Map or PlugShare??

Post by ajms0288 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:02 am

Just wondering if you guys/girls have a preference and why ?
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Re: Zap-Map or PlugShare??

Post by advance2020 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:05 am

Never used PlugShare. Used Zap-Map to research all public charge points in my local region. Google Maps is also a useful resource.

During last year I tried to visit most of these to check whether they actually worked, and have created a Public List on Google Maps for part of South West England, with Photos and Reviews. Keen to search out Free Destination Chargers.
My “GoTo” network is Pod Point at Tesco, but I have been using (or trying to use) Polar posts and reporting US ones to BP pulse. BP have been responding, and already fixed some dead ones, and have agreed some more fixes in their pipeline.

Unfortunately since all networks rely on remote monitoring*, the data on Apps is not always accurate, or up to date. Hence the need to physically visit, check & try.

*one local Polar post at ASDA in Gillingham, Dorset died completely, while I was charging, and someone else tried to share. No lights, no power, so no remote monitoring possible. Similar outage at Willoughby Hedge A303 Starbucks Polar - now reported to BP. ASDA now fixed.

Obviously we now restricted from travelling far, and I have yet to travel more than 50 miles from home. Lyme Regis was “on the edge of my map”, only to find the Charger there useless. Although to be fair Zap-Map predicted there might be a problem.
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Re: Zap-Map or PlugShare??

Post by londiniumperson » Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:24 pm

I only charge at home, but I do have a look at where I could charge of on a longer journey just as a paper exercise and in those instances use:
One of not the most popular EV route mapping software and as a result probably the most up to date.
I looked at this when it was launched and it was primarily for residential to advertise their charge points. It now has public charge points but I rarely look at it now.
I find this functionally very good, however I'm not keen on the user interface or the resultant routing on a visual basis.
This is in beta and is attempting to be easy to use for those new to EV ownership. Only last weekend I've been in touch with the developer and he implemented a fix to a routing issue that I discovered with a couple of days, so very responsive. Be aware that this is not issued as a completed app yet.
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