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Re: New accessories

Post by rickwookie » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:49 pm

1) Those charger prices are insane, but not unexpected from a car dealer. I'll probably be giving them a hard pass.
2) €750 for a tow bar that you can't use - lol. Incidentall, how are they ensuring that it won't accept a trailer connection (as they suggest). The only way I can see that could be, is if the ball was larger than normal, but that would mean the Thule carriers would also have to have a special oversized ball socket, making them non-standard. If this is the (likely?) case, why are they being sold separately, as one is useless without the other. Basically is amounts to the expensive "coach" bike carrier costing €1285 (€535 + €750) and the even more expensive "easy fold" bike carrier costing €1449. Bonkers.
3) The single-phase "gun-to-gun" lead is included for "free" anyway. (At least it was when we ordered, but that was possibly an early order offer at the time). I'm more impressed at how Honda plan to get 3-phase 32 Amp through a standard schuko plug!

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