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Hello all,

Haven't been on here in a while, hope that everyone is doing well, and in general my e still fits the bill for me better than any car currently on the market.

Today I was doing one of my rare >100 mile journeys, and stopped at the Applegreen chargers at Birchanger on the M11. After faffing around with cards for a while - I think they don't accept Amex, but they can't be bothered to tell you with a sticker or on the screen - everything clicked and started working, for about 10 seconds. The charger said that the session was finished and the charging light on the car was flashing red. No luck trying to start the charge again, so I tried another charger in the group and exactly the same thing happened. At some point, the dashboard showed a very unhelpful car with an exclamation point on it as well. Very strange as I have used the same charging spot once in the past without any problems, and the only other potential problem I can think of is that it had been raining when charging earlier so there were a few drops of water around, maybe a couple on the plastic between the two DC pins, but nothing in the port itself. I only had 12% remaining, so started to panic a bit.

Luckily, I had looked at Zap map earlier and realised that there were still two Gridserve pillars where the original pre-upgrade charger (I think Ecotricity?) was, but with only 3 CCS, 1 Chademo and 1 AC port, thought I was still out of luck. Parked in front of the only Chademo as nowhere else was free, and a power cycle of the car, wiping the port with my jumper, and opening and closing the bonnet did the trick and I could close the AA app. Of course a Leaf appeared after one of the other cars left so I looked like a bit of a git!

I'm really hoping that either I was doing something stupid or the chargers were having a day off for Easter, as that one bank is sort of my only sensible place to charge on the trip from home to my Mum's house. Absolutely everything else so far has been home charging. I do normally make the trip from 100% to under 10%, but this time I didn't have the chance to fully charge before returning.

Any ideas? I would point out that this is one of the rare opportunities on the internet where someone is wanting you to tell them how stupid they have been!


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