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I have a 2021 Honda e that collided with debris on the road.

Fortunately! The damage is isolated to the lower front bumper which was torn away along with the fog lights and parking sensors. There is also damage to the PCU Cooler/Radiator (smaller lower radiator to ground).

Having purchased most of the parts to facilitate repair. I am in need of some help in identifying some part numbers. Honda dealers seem to only help so far in simply providing cost and availability, which I totally understand.

However these two parts are proving challenging.

1 - Front bumper Wiring Harness ( I believe this incorporates PDC sensor connectors x4 (not the Advance variant) and also fog light connectors x2 - appears on back order for many months

2 - PCU Cooler/Radiator I have a DENSO part number from existing Radiator but looking for the actual Honda part number - being quoted at approx. £800 so I am looking to source elsewhere if possible and a part number would certainly help in this endeavour.

Would certainly appreciate if anyone can support with Part Numbers and any diagrams.


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